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5 tips to help improve your home’s energy efficiency rating

15th December 2017

Wherever you’re spending the colder months this year, improving energy efficiency can help you to feel warmer and cosier – saving money and the environment as you snuggle down and shelter from the wind, rain and snow. Here we share five easy to implement actions you can take over the coming months to improve your home’s energy efficiency rating.

Invest in insulation

Insulation is arguably one of the most effective tools to protect against costly energy bills and improve efficiency – especially during winter months. In 2010 the Department for Energy and Climate Change estimated that UK homes wasted £500 million pumping heat into their homes that escaped through poorly insulated lofts and walls – prompting a huge incentive scheme that has enabled hundreds of thousands of homeowners nationwide to have innovative cavity wall insulation installed at little or no cost to them. Loft insulation in particular is a must for anyone looking to improve their home’s energy efficiency rating – as this prevents heat from rising and escaping, pushing up bills and resulting in huge amounts of wasted energy.

Upgrade your boiler

Old, inefficient boilers can add up to £200 onto your yearly energy bill according to An upgrade has multiple benefits – as whilst it’ll save you money in the long run it will also reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Boilers are rated between A (most energy efficient) to G (least energy efficient) – so take this into account when shopping around. Some homes are eligible for a free boiler upgrade under the ‘Energy Company Obligations Scheme’, so it’s worth checking this option out before investing yourself.

Shop around

Are you sure that you’re on the best possible tariff when it comes to value for money for the level of energy you currently consume? Any savings you make can go directly towards energy-saving improvements for your home – like new windows and doors or a water-saving showerhead. Make a note to check up on the latest deals every six to twelve months – and take advantage of easy switching schemes to take the hassle out of moving from one provider to another.

Get smart about energy usage

Monitor your energy usage closely for around a week without changing your habits – then spend a further seven days making a concerted effort to reduce energy consumption. The results of this experiment may surprise you – as relatively small changes like turning the tap off whilst you brush your teeth, switching to energy saving bulbs, taking a shower instead of a bath or turning the television off instead of leaving it on standby can make a huge difference. ‘Smart meters’ or energy monitors are now offered free of charge by several energy providers – these give an accurate indication of where most of your energy is used – and in some cases wasted. This could be a savvy option for families or larger properties especially, as it can be difficult to keep track of energy usage with several people in the house.

Avoid heat loss via windows and doors

If you don’t already have double-glazed windows and doors throughout the property, now is the time to upgrade and invest. There is now a wide range of specialist, sophisticated options available for homeowners who want to save even more on energy bills – such as triple-glazed, tinted and self-cleaning glass. If you’re not in the market for new windows and doors just yet, hanging thicker curtains during winter months can help to lock heat into your home and prevent loss through cold glass and draughty gaps.

For more tips and tricks to help you make the most of your home take a look at our related blog posts here. Considering a relocation this winter? Check out our specialist removals services and support here.


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Everyone was brilliant, friendly, professional and funny. Most stress free move I’ve ever had and I’ve done quite a few house moves.

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With all best wishes and again my appreciation for your most courteous and helpful attention throughout my association with Johnsons.

A pleasurable experience from start to finish.

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